Outdoor Ministries Committee

Leanne Stump

Haley Monachello
Director of Youth Ministries

Nancy Bingaman

Tina Heck
Nancy Love
Carl Cordes
Cathy Gabor
Kathleen Schales
Alicia Stolp
LaTaunya Bynum

To strengthen and enrich congregational ministry by providing quality camp and retreat experiences.

We believe in children, youth, and families.

We also believe that our natural world offers a unique setting for whole life learning and spiritual growth.

Through our many experiences, we know that God touches the lives of people in a special way when we gather together in nature to explore who we are as God’s people and how we might participate in the world as faithful stewards and   servants.

Our lives are transformed when we sing, play, eat, study, walk, laugh and worship together. CCNCN Outdoor Ministries strives to provide a variety of opportunities for young people to experience the Christian community in fresh ways.


Camp 2023
May 16-18 CGC Workdays
June 8-11 Adult Camp
June 18-22 Junior Camp
June 18-24 Chi Rho Camp
June 24-26 JOY Camp
June 25-July 1 CYF Camp

Please download and read the Registration Guide for detailed information on Summer Camps 2023
Registration Guide for Summer Camps 2023


Fall Fest

Each Fall, the region sponsors an event for youth at a local church. The Fall Fest is a great way to connect with friends new and old & rekindle the sparks of the Spirit among us.


For Chi-Rho (Junior High) youth, this annual weekend event in January features a keynoter, small groups, community building and FUN FUN FUN.

Feb Camp

For CYF (High School) Youth, Feb Camp is an awesome weekend of discovery, laughter, and singing. The Regional Youth Council plays a key leadership role at this event.

Youth Program at Annual Gathering

A full weekend of youth programs makes this event extraordinary!

Summer Camps

Summer Camps in our region are not just for Young People anymore and lie at the heart of this Region’s Outdoor Ministries.  We have numerous opportunities for everyone. More information is at our Summer Camps Page

Download a copy of the Outdoor Ministries Brochure

Training Videos

Excellent series of videos specifically for the camp community.
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