The mission of the CCNC-N Regional Youth Council (RYC) is to foster personal and spiritual growth in both RYC members and the youth of the region. The RYC seeks to encourage developing leadership skills and to promote integrity through ethical decision making. The RYC will serve as role models and leaders to the Chi Rho (6-8 grade) and CYF (9-12 grade) youth of the region by creating and implementing programming for these age groups.

All RYC members will be held accountable to the RYC policies and covenant by each other, the CCNC-N Regional Minister and the Director of Youth Ministries.  All RYC members, youth and adults are representatives of the CCNC-N region and are also asked to abide by all CCNC-N policies. (i.e. adult background checks, boundary trainings, staff training, event covenants)

Guidelines for RYC
RYC Application
Medical Form required for these events

Current members:
Emily Nelson
Cameron Kearns
Grace Ott
Beth Pierson
Brenden Earl
Mary Rapmund
Jesse Kearns, Adult


Fall Fest
Each Fall, the region sponsors an event for youth at a local church. The Fall Fest is a great way to connect with friends new and old & rekindle the sparks of the Spirit among us.

For Chi-Rho (Junior High) youth, this annual weekend event in January features a keynoter, small groups, community building and FUN FUN FUN.

Feb Camp
For CYF (High School) Youth, Feb Camp is an awesome weekend of discovery, laughter, and singing. The Regional Youth Council plays a key leadership role at this event.

Youth Program at Annual Gathering
A full weekend of youth programs makes this event extraordinary!
Other Important Links:
Outdoor Ministries
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United Camps, Conferences
& Retreats

Camp Scholarship
The Ben Bohren Scholarship Fund offers financial assistance to children and youth participating in our summer camp program.