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Remember the moment you realized you weren’t alone on your path through life? You found others who wanted to be with you to share your joys and hurts. It made a big difference in your life. It molded you to want to share yourself with others as well. It’s called community.

The ministries of CCNC-N help people to be a part of a vital faith community. People in all walks of life, with diverse backgrounds, theologies, practices and opinions. People, though, who are brought together by belief in the God of grace as shown through hope, trust, love and respect. In both our diversity and belief, we have found an enduring bond that keeps us together: “the Body of Christ.”

This enduring and ever-growing bond through Christ inspires us, informs us and guides us in our path – in our local congregation and in CCNC-N ministries. We share this bond around the Lord’s Table, in Prayer, through Service and Mission projects, during Worship, Learning, and Fellowship. We share this bond, as Jesus proclaimed, “where two or three are gathered in my name.”

The Annual Fund of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Northern California-Nevada provides financial resources for our regional community to explore, expand, and share this bond.

Your gift will help others experience moments of community just as you have. Through your financial support you are giving more than money… you are giving others the gift of being a part of an enduring and meaningful community to remember. Thank you!


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Where & How to Give!

When you click on the "Donate" button above, you will be taken to our Webconnex page to make a donation.

Choose what ministries you would like your donation to support.

One option is for your donation to support the General Mission and Ministry in the Annual Fund. Under this option your donation will go to wherever it is needed and will be available to support all areas of regional ministry. This gives the Region the most flexibility.

You can choose other specific ministry options in the Annual Fund:

  • Youth and Young Ministry
  • New Church, Hispanic and North American Pacific Asian Disciples Ministries
  • Disciples Women's Ministries
  • Angel Fund Scholarship for Women's Fall Retreat
  • Missional & Reconciliation Ministries
  • Disciples Mission Fund
  • Week of Compassion
  • CGC - Community of the Great Commission
  • Other (Please specify)

Additional information and updates on these specific ministries are available on this website and the CCNC-N eNews.

The online giving process is simple and secure. The “Donate Now” button takes you to the online form from which you can make your donation. You will find this button in numerous places – all of them enable you to donate to the Annual Fund.

All donations are securely transacted and you can stop or revise your donations at any time by contacting the Regional Office.