The CCNC-N is the presence of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
in the northern half of the states of California and Nevada

The Justice Commission organized Circles of Inquiry around the topic of Islam at the Annual Gathering this year.  You can read the questions and recorded responses in this document:
Harvest of the Circle of Inquiry — Islam.

Watch the e-newsletter for further events being planned around the topic of Islam, based on the responses from the Circles of Inquiry.  

The Justice Commission would like to thank everyone who participated in the Circles with so much careful thought and intensity.   If you have comments or further thoughts, e-mail Margaret Simmons at  margsim76@aol.com.


The mission of the Regional Justice Commission is to engage the questions and concerns of justice (biblical, social, racial, economical, etc.) on the hearts and minds of the CCNC-N Region in an authentic conversational practice that will:

The purpose of these conversations will be to hear the VOICES of the Region without taking a stand as THE VOICE of the Region.  We will do this by:

Everything we do is informed by Micah 6:8: “God has told you, O Mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.”

What Is the Justice Commission?

In 2008 California faced a Proposition on Marriage Equality that became painfully divisive to Disciples of Christ in Northern California-Nevada. We realized we needed some means of engaging our Regional Church in healthy conversations around issues of justice and injustice in our world today. But what would be the best way? Should we be issuing resolutions (although a minority might disagree)? Should we be discussing and learning about these issues from a Christian perspective? How can we even talk with each other about difficult issues without being divisive? In 2010, the Regional Justice Commission was formed to work on these questions.

The Region also approved the use of a model known as Circles of Peace that would give congregations and/or groups within the church a chance to talk about questions relating to justice in a way where each voice is respectfully heard. First we would hold a Circle of Inquiry where there is a chance to share ideas and experiences about an issue. Then, some might want to form a Circle of Advocacy, planning and taking action on one side or another of the issue. Others might want to form a Circle of Healing for those who have been especially affected by that particular issue.

Justice Commission and Circles of Peace Model

Peer Spirit Circle of Peace Guidelines

Holy Manners

Justice Commission Concern Form

The Justice Commission is designed for up to 14 members selected through an application process to represent the diversity of the Region. Currently serving are:  Larry Love, Chair, Leon Bacchues, Carol Bono,  Monica Cross,  Walter Hudson, Kyung-Min Daniel Lee,  Yolanda Marquez-Lucar, Margaret Simmons, Victor Smith,  Jordan Williams, Gloria Wilson, Kim Young,

The Regional Moderator, Don Stump, and Regional Minister, Rev. LaTaunya Bynum,  are ex-officio members.

There are several openings on the Justice Commission. If you are interested please fill out an application.

Application Packet

Circles of Inquiry Harvest from Annual Gathering 2013

The Justice Commission sponsored it’s first regional conversation to bring information to the Regional Minister Search Committee for our regional profile. See the summary of that conversation here:
Justice Commission Circles of Inquiry Harvest Report