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When disaster strikes, we scramble to help the community affected. However, information can be difficult to find and resources difficult to manage. Thed Disaster Response Hub is an app to address these difficulties by creating a central hub where a point of contact can supply information regarding a disaster including a list of resources needed to address the situation.

This app is made available to all CCNC-N church administrators and all CCNC-N clergy via the Regional Cloud. When a report of a disaster is posted, the post can be seen at the Regional Cloud main screen. Each situation is organized into four categories:

Urgent The situation is critical and outside help is needed.
Mobilize The situation dangerously close, or resurging. Requesting on-call volunteers.
 Information  The situation is outside our community and we are currently monitoring it.
Resolved Situation is resolved, no other action necessary

If you would like to organize a disaster response action in your community, click the "Submit a Report" link above and fill out the form. Once submitted, a notice will appear on the control panel of the Regional Cloud for all pastors and church admins to see and respond to. Regional links for donations and volunteer sign-ups will be added by default but may be replaced with links to your own mechanisms for receiving donations and/or volunteer applications.