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Disaster Report #14
Mosquito Fire

Status: Resolved
Sep 30, 2022 07:59 am
Reported by Jim Thomas
Placer County
Mosquito Fire
Mosquito, Tahoe NF, USFS. Unified command with Cal Fire and PCSO. Timber, brush and hardwood litter. Active fire behavior with uphill runs, wind-driven runs and short-range spotting. Numerous structures threatened. Evacuations, road, area and trail closures in effect.
We have set up a donation link, your donations will help fund the efforts for recovery and clean-up at CGC where needed.

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Sep 20, 2022 10:1639% contained. CGC is still under evacuation warning level. Full containment expected by 10/15/2022.
Sep 13, 2022 09:39Reported on - We have had reports & photos from 2 sources that CGC has not sustained any damages from the Mosquito fire. The fire has burned much further up Chicken Hawk Road and further into El Dorado County. The fire did come up to Chicken hawk Road on the other side, so we will see plenty of burned forest around. We are so thankful to the firefighters who have continued to monitor that area around camp. There is quite a bit of retardant on the property that will need clean up. However, this is a small task compared to the enormity of the potential loss of the camp. Thank you to everyone for their care and prayers. We will post pictures when our staff is able to get back onto the property.
Sep 12, 2022 20:02According to, the Mosquito fire is now 16% contained. The fire has been held back from breaching CGC.
Sep 9, 2022 17:50On Tuesday, Sept 6th, the Mosquito Fire started in the Foresthill area. By Wednesday, the fire had burned up through Michigan Bluff to Chicken Hawk Road. Fire strike teams have been able to keep the fire below the road, though directly across from CGC. As of Friday, Sept. 9th the fire does not appear to have progressed any further in this northwestern corner. It is primarily headed into El Dorado County to the southeast and also west, very close to the town of Foresthill. We do not consider CGC to be completely out of danger yet, but so far, this fire line has held at Chicken Hawk Road. It is unknown how long before our site director can get back to the property for a proper assessment.
Sep 8, 2022 17:36An Urgent & Scary update about CGC --Wednesday, Sept 7 By Don Stump Note: Don updated us this afternoon to add, "The tides have changed. At about 5:30 yesterday the wind reversed direction and the fire stopped at our front door. We are good for now, but we have 100% destruction on 2 sides of the camp." To view real time updates, go to In the last 24 hours there has been extensive forest fire activity very near our church camp, Community of the Great Commission. Earlier today the fire burned uphill toward the nearby small town of Michigan Bluff. Michigan bluff is about one half mile below our 400 acre camp. Several fire crews were dispatched to this area and have been furiously fighting the fire. However, the fire continued to burn uphill toward our 400 acre camp. Thus, an additional 2 “strike teams” were sent directly to our camp to help defend the property. At the same time many large tanker planes were flying overhead to drop thousands of gallons of water on the fire. Also, our camp manager provided by our management company UCCR, stayed on campus as long as possible to assist and provide direction and guidance. Sadly, the fire continues to press forward and as of about 5:00 pm today (Wednesday, Sept. 7) the fire fighter strike teams and our own manager, Bobby, had to abandon the situation. As of 5:30 there was no one there to defend the camp and the odds of severe damage to camp are very much touch & go as of this moment. We will know more in the next 24 hours. Finally – the situation is complicated by the fact that our property & fire insurance was canceled last year by the carrier. We will have very little insurance to help cover this situation. I am sure that a team of dedicated folks will put their heads together to help come up with both a short & long term plan. For now we ask for your prayers for the camp, the fire fighters, our staff who are up there, and the many people of Michigan Bluff which is now severely burned.
Sep 8, 2022 08:232,500 residents are evacuated and 1,000 homes remain threatened. Powerlines and infrastructure threatened. Multiple structures, mostly residences threatened. The town of Foresthill threatened with the wind direction, affecting thousands of people, schools, businesses, agency buildings, etc. Power plant, microwave transmission tower, cell towers, radio repeaters, Forest Service Seed Orchard, Big Trees old growth threatened. Major damage to power infrastructure including KV lines occurring. Visit for more information. Also,
Sep 7, 2022 17:18Sadly, the fire is raging and over 4000 acres. It looks like we may lose the campgrounds. The staff have evacuated. shows the first, at the time of this posting, right outside the campgrounds with 0% containment. Check back later for updates.
Sep 7, 2022 14:14According the, the Mosquito fire has now grown to over 1200 acres. However, the direction of the fire appears to be north-west and away from our campgrounds.
Sep 7, 2022 09:21Good morning. So far, though the fire has grown to over 800 acres, it is staying west of the camp. It's still super close but seems to be headed up toward Forest Hill Road. It could turn at a moments notice of course. They were supposed to evacuate last night. There is a great app called Watch Duty. It will give notifications and updates. I would suggest people use that.