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Ministerial Installation Liturgy

The Following Liturgy of installation — presided over by the Regional Minister — is suitable for the “centerpiece” of either a Sunday morning or other installation service. Moreover, the congregation can choose to print either just the headings in the bulletin (the parts in BOLD) or the entire liturgy. The parts in italics are where the minister’s name is to be filled in (if the congregation is printing the entire liturgy instead of just the headings).

Installation Charge
Regional Minister

[Name of minister], minister of word and sacrament, sister/brother in Christ, friend: You have been called by God through the voice of this congregation to be its minister; you have been called to help lead this people in the way of Jesus Christ. Within the common ministry of all of us, you have been set apart for special service, to equip the body of Christ for its ministry of reconciliation to the world. As you embark on this chapter of your ministry,

I charge you -- Remember always that Jesus came not to be served but to serve.

I charge you -- To seek to live with the joy and confidence that comes from being rooted in the gospel and in knowing the giftedness of life. While your office grants you privilege, it is the privilege to serve in the name of Christ Jesus. So, in the discharge of your office,

I charge you -- To love and serve Christ’s people, in this place and beyond, even as Christ has loved you; open your life to them, sharing their joys, their burdens, their labors, their faith.

I charge you -- Not to forget the trust of those who have chosen you. Preach the word, in season and out. Teach faithfully, watching over these people by providing for their spiritual life and instruction. Nourish them with wisdom and strengthen them to glorify God. Care for them with patience: young and old, strong and weak, rich and poor. Urge them to remember the friendless and the needy. Show the love of Jesus to all peoples.

I charge you -- To serve this people with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love, relying on God’s mercy and rejoicing in God’s promises through Jesus Christ.

I charge you -- to seek Christ’s presence in prayer, strengthening yourself for your work. Spend ample time in study and do not shortchange it; for only then can you be a worthy instrument. Trust the many gifts bestowed upon you and allow God and this congregation to forgive your failings. Take leisure and recreation; enjoy your family and give them time to enjoy you.

And may the Lord God bless you and keep you, now and forever.


Sisters and brothers in Christ: With guidance of the Holy Spirit, you have called [Name of Minister] to be your minister , to lead you in the way of Jesus Christ. So,

I charge you -- Encourage him. Respect his decisions. Follow as he guides you, serving Jesus Christ, who alone is head of the church. Pay him fairly and provide for his welfare as he works among you. Stand by him in troubles and share his joys. Listen to the word he preaches, hear as he teaches, welcome his pastoral care, and honor his calling, as he seeks to honor and obey our Lord. Re-dedicate yourselves to the gospel and give yourselves to God's renewing power. Place your whole selves in Christ's service, that God may be glorified in this place and beyond.

And may the Lord bless and keep you, now and forever.


Gracious and holy God, who called the world into being, and who shares eternal life with us, we come to you in a spirit of joy and thanksgiving in this time of promise and renewal. We are filled with joy for covenants made in your name. We are filled with thanks for the gifts that are offered unto you for service. We pray that you would consecrate by your grace and power the ministry of this church. We pray that you would consecrate to your purpose the work and witness of (name of minister) along with this your people.

May your spirit descend upon them and may the visions given to them give life and give encouragement to the ways of peace and justice, to the increase the gospel. Bless (name of minister) with strength, open him anew to the biddings of your spirit. May the promise of this hour come to fulfillment.

In the name of the one who gave his all that we might have life, Christ Jesus, our Lord, we pray. Amen.